Go Go Ab Wheel!


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Get Abs with thisĀ  Go-Go AB wheel!

Comes in red or blue depending on your preference. I don’t know exactly what more to tell you, man, it’s pretty self-explanatory if you ask me.

Okay fine, I’ll simplify it for you,

Step 1. Get the Go-Go Ab Wheel (And yes, you can choose between blue or red – And no, I can’t tell you which to choose from as I don’t know you… yet;)

Step 2: Wait 10 -15 days for the Go-Go AB wheel to arrive ( of course, do some situps in the meantime)

Step 3: Go out to your mailbox after that waiting time period and get the Go-Go Ab wheel. Take the Go-Go AB wheel out of its package (cuz you can’t…use it otherwise) – I mean you can try to be my guest

Step 4: Use the Go-Go Ab wheel two to four times a week

Step: 5: Vola




Comprehensive Fitness Exercise

Model Number




drop ship

yes support

functon 1

jump rope

function 2

Resistance Bands

function 3

push up stand


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